Mar. 17 2023

We’re thrilled to share a Women’s History Month nomination submitted by Chief Financial Officer Tammy Flowers for her colleague, Director of Human Resources Janci Baker.

“Janci’s dedication and guidance to the mission and culture of MGC is remarkable. She leads a team of female business managers throughout our law firm: office management, recruiting, benefits, payroll, compensation and compliance. She will never step in front of these women; she gives them the tools, pushes them forward and lets them shine. She also works within each office and team to reiterate common MGC legal practices across our entire footprint.”

“Janci has a way of helping others to see what is possible and providing them the encouragement and support to make it happen. I am very thankful to have worked alongside of her and with other fellow MGC women in leadership for the past twenty years, and have benefited personally and professionally from these relationships.”