Mar. 20 2023

To kick off our “Women in Real Estate” spotlights in honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to Columbia lawyer Emily Dowell. Emily joined the firm in 2019. She started as an intern and now is one of the title attorneys.

Q+A with Emily

Tell us more about your background – where did you grow up, what did you study in undergrad, were there any early moments that shaped your future career?

I grew up in Magnolia, Kentucky. It’s a tiny town about 90 minutes south of Louisville. I studied wildlife biology during my undergrad. I interned for several national parks and a wildlife refuge after graduation. I taught environmental education courses at several 4H centers beginning in 2015. These positions are seasonal, so I was able to move around and spent a lot of time outside. In 2017 I decided to apply to law school.

What made you decide to go into the legal field?

 I really appreciated the impact I could have as a teacher and wanted to expand my opportunities to advocate. The law was interesting to me and provided an opportunity to be an impactful advocate.

 Tell us more about your work at MGC – what type of law do you practice, who are your clients?

 I practice “title.” I examine title for buyers, to ensure that they are receiving clear title when they purchase. I frequently work with lenders to provide title work or to explain our title work. Title work is sort of a puzzle, and I enjoy solving it.

 What does MGC do to support and promote women in the firm? How have you felt supported?

 I believe MGC embraces inclusion and equity, which supports women. I feel confident that my coworkers will support me, which leads to success.