Mar. 21 2023

We’re thrilled to share our next “Women in Real Estate” spotlight in honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to introduce you to Charleston real estate lawyer Chelsea Phillips. Chelsea joined the firm in 2021.

Q+A with Emily

Tell us more about your background – where did you grow up, what did you study in undergrad, were there any early moments that shaped your future career?

My name is Chelsea Phillips.  I was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina and lived here until I moved to Columbia for undergrad in 2010.  I graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2014 and worked at MGC’s Columbia office as a post-closing specialist after graduation until I moved to Salt lake City, Utah.

What made you decide to go into the legal field?

I decided to go to law school after I worked as a legal assistant and paralegal in various areas of law, including real estate, contracts, family law and personal injury.  I have always enjoyed learning and wanted to continue my education in the legal field.

 Tell us more about your work at MGC – what type of law do you practice, who are your clients?

I am a real estate closing attorney at MGC working out of the Mt. Pleasant, Summerville, and Goose Creek offices. My focus is on residential real estate transactions.

 What does MGC do to support and promote women in the firm? How have you felt supported?

MGC is a fantastic firm.  As a new attorney, I have the support of more experienced real estate attorneys when I need to ask questions or get assistance.