Nov. 10 2022

Meet Michael Johnson, MGC Myrtle Beach legal assistant and United States Marine Corps veteran.

“Joining The United States Marine Corps was one of the best life decisions ever. Dealing with Parris Island and those sand fleas gave me a reason to have an unforgettable experience.

After boot camp, my training took me to Camp Geiger at Camp Lejeune; afterward, it was on to 29 Psalm for communication training in the desert of California. No one told me it would look like Mars once daylight came. But, because of the desert conditions, I remembered the residents used rocks for grass and landscape.

Finally, after 2531 MOS training, it was on to H&S Company 1/9. Again, in Oceanside, California, at Camp Pendleton, I was allowed to be the critical communication person for the Commander Officer Captain Avila of unit 1/9 Alpha.

Places visited while in the Marine Corps:

Okinawa, Honolulu, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mombasa and Seychelles.

The essential traits learned from the Marine Corps:

  • Integrity
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Self-motivation
  • Unity
  • Adaptability
  • Honor

A few words from one of my favorite cadences:

‘Mama, Mama can’t you see. What the Marine Corp has done to me.
Sitting high and looking good, ought to be in Hollywood.”