Nov. 14 2022

Meet MGC Columbia Scheduling Assistant Skye Kinder.

“I have a very large military family. My stepmom and stepbrother were Marines. My brothers were Air Force and Army. My father is retired Air Force and I am also an Air Force veteran. We all know first-hand the sacrifices military families have to make and just how crucial it is to have a support network.

My brother Kyle and I would often have to have each other’s kids temporarily move in due to deployments or long order sets. While my two boys have been able to travel the world, I know how hard it was on them at times to not have their mom around or have to make new friends every few years. But, they always had family around who understood what they were going through.

To this day, our family continues to support each other and get together whenever possible. [On November 5] my brother and I took our dad to the Air Force vs. Army football game in Dallas, TX for his birthday (photo below).”