Nov. 10 2022

Meet MGC Columbia Workers’ Compensation Paralegal Cheryl Hillard.

Cheryl’s son, Mason Hillard

“I come from a very active military family. My father-in-law and all my and my husband’s uncles saw combat as Marines in either Vietnam or Korea. Our uncle, Robert Harlan, was recently privileged to participate in Honor Flight #76 to Washington, D.C.  Robert fought in the battle of Chosin Reservoir in 1950.

My brother was deployed (Army National Guard) to Iraq and lost his best friend there.

Currently we have many younger family members serving. My brother-in-law is a full time Army National Guard Chaplain who has been deployed twice and his son is currently waiting to go to basic training. I have two cousins who are career Marines.

My son participated in ROTC throughout his time at AC Flora High School.  His senior year he joined the Army National Guard. After basic training and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri he returned to South Carolina to begin his education at the University of South Carolina. Upon graduation he will serve at least one year active duty.

My family believes military service is a great honor. The sacrifices soldiers and their families make astound me. I am proud to work for a law firm that supports our military.”