Jun. 23 2020

So, you’re buying a home in the great state of South Carolina – congratulations! I’m sure one of the reasons you’re moving here is the weather. Winters here are mild and a little wet – this means the ground doesn’t freeze. While that’s great for late-blooming flowers and outdoor plants, it’s not so great if your house is made of wood. Termites in South Carolina don’t take the winter off; they might be less active than in the spring, but they never really go away.

The best way to protect your property is to have a termite inspection done on the property. Most lenders will require this as a closing condition; it’s called a CL-100. The inspector will come out to the property and crawl under any structures to investigate signs of damage or infestation. Repairs can be made before closing, or an adjustment in the purchase price. But the best thing is to get rid of the infestation.

A termite bond will help with this. A bond is when an exterminator comes out to the property and treats the soil and exposed wood for termites. This initial treatment is good for one year. Every year after, for a fee, the exterminator will come back out to the property to bait traps or respray. If the property owner doesn’t keep up with the bond, it will expire and the property will be vulnerable to another infestation.

The bottom line is that termites are a matter of life in the South, but they don’t need to be in your house if you take the proper steps to keep them out.

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Sarah Fuentes joined MGC Real Estate’s Columbia office in May of 2015. She earned a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina. Sarah is a member of the Palmetto Land Title Association and Richland County Bar Association.